Weekday Run: Summerland

Story: Mike Woodings
Photos: Judy Woodings

There seems to be no shortage of club members who are available for a weekday run, even one where the destination has not been announced prior to the drivers meeting. Tuesday, Nov 28th was one of those days. Thirty-eight, should I say retirees, in 22 Corvettes, assembled in the Walmart lot at 10 AM, ready to go to parts unknown.

Janene McDonald drove up with her injured co-pilot and gave us all the update about our heretofore mystery run to Summerland and breakfast at the Summerland Café. (You will have to ask Dwight about the injured accelerator leg.) Then it was outward bound on an ideal morning with a very impressive caravan lead by Jim and Glenda Fulmer. Glenda kept us on our toes with hazard alerts about patio chairs in the roadway along CA 126 and all was well for our travelers until the CHP pulled into the middle of the caravan to create a traffic break for debris removal. Sheila Percivalle by default became the caravan leader of the back half of the caravan and did a fine job leading them in to Summerland. She has a lot of tail gunner experience, but could there be a road captain dangle in her future?
The folks at the Summerland Café gave us the entire back patio and took good care of our drive and eat needs.

Once we had dined, we had the day ahead of us and the 22 Corvettes were in the wind to a score of different spots before rolling home. I heard that shopping might have been included in some of the subsequent stops and another destination might have included some new Grand Sport fender stripes.

Great idea to get out on Tuesday. Netflix has a lot to offer, but it really is about the Corvettes though, isn’t it?