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Santa Clarita Valley Corvette Club takes it's responsibiliy to give back to our community very seriously. Our members donate time, talent and money to the local charities in our effort to make a difference. Our commitment has been noted.

In the 29 December 2016 issue of The Magazine of Santa Clarita, SCVCC was thanked for our donations to the local community!

SCVCC Doing Our Part in Our Community

Here's a section from the article,"Resolution 2017: Gratitude" by the Assistance League:

"Assistance League Resale welcome 2017 with sincere gratitude ...for our loyal Community Partners, businesses and individuals. We thank all who donate time, treasure and talent through Assistance League Santa Clarita. Happy New Year!"

Read their article in entirety here.

Kudos to each club member for their time, talent & efforts that made our donations possible!!!

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