Santa Paula Chev BBQ

Story: “Tmac” McAllister
Photos: Mike Woodings

Walmart was once again the starting location for the club’s latest run — destination Santa Paula Chevrolet. As the group gathered, waivers and signatures were collected and submitted to the Law Firm of Catch’em, Cheat’em, & How.
The caravan of Corvettes left shortly thereafter. The 126 highway is always a beautiful drive with the exception of suicide bugs that tend to add unwanted temporary blemishes. Because of unexpected traffic, the caravan was somewhat delayed.
The Ventura Corvette Club was the first to arrive. SCVCC showed up shortly thereafter. After everyone parked their ‘Vettes, members gathered in groups, mingled and socialized. Many also staked out prime shaded spots in preparation for lunch.
It must be pointed out that the Munshi’s are CLEARLY having SCVCC withdrawals. Driving from Prescott to Santa Paula definitely gets them “Most Loyal Members” award. Sadly, they didn’t drive their ‘Vette, choosing instead to remain incognito in their jeep.

The much-anticipated reason for the run finally appeared —– FREE FOOD! The tried and true BBQed trip tip, chicken, sausages and various condiments were placed buffet style. Some folks were still caught off guard by the spicy sausages.
After the meal was over, the crowd gradually dispersed to enjoy the remainder of the weekend, that is with the exception of your Editor and Membership chair. It appears Mike and Judy have helped our host John Macik “sponsor” BBQs for the near future with the upgrade in Grand Sports that came about. Santa Paula Chevrolet is always there for all of your Corvette needs and…desires!

So then, if you love Corvette runs and BBQ, Santa Paula Chevrolet is THE place to go. And now, we don’t have to wait until spring for another eating/shopping opportunity. We are all invited back again on December 9th for a Corvette/Toys for Tots event. Yes, the Marines will be present to receive our donations

Point to Ponder: Based on the numerous runs this writer has attended, I believe SCVCC’s board members should strongly consider changing our name to the Santa Clarita Valley Culinary Club.