Italian Night at the Ceos’

Story: Mike Woodings
Photos: Janene McDonald and Mike Woodings

Don and Connie Ceo once again opened their home to the club on October 7th for a social get together and a lasagna dinner. The Corvettes rolled in at 4 PM to get things started with refreshments in the Ceos’ beautiful back yard and before you could say “mama-mia” the dinner bell was sounded and the feast began.

There are some terrific cooks in our club and we all get to find out at our pot-luck activities. The spread had plenty of main course entrees to compliment the lasagna and of course, we didn’t lack for desserts either.

Don and Connie’s humongous covered patio offered ample shelter from the lingering summer sun’s rays throughout the afternoon. As the day transitioned into evening, the focus of the affair changed as well with many digging into their pockets and purses for some loose change to try their chances at the card tables.

The hospitality shown by the Ceos was appreciated by us all, so once again, thank you Don and Connie!