From the Driver’s Seat – June 2020

Have you spent any time considering why you are a member of our Santa Clarita Valley Corvette Club?  I for one must admit I haven’t spent much time doing so over the years I have been a member.  Sure, I always felt it was an honor to be a member and appreciate the legacy left by all who preceded me that we enjoy in our club’s 42nd year.

I have been a Corvette guy for a lot of years prior to finding our club and the dimension of bonding with people from all walks of life who love our cars has been an unexpected bonus.

Our club has had some bumps along the way and just when things seemed to settle down a year or so ago, then here comes a virus to give us more challenges.  Along with the bug, greener pastures have changed our make-up somewhat where long waiting lists for membership have given way to some openings for new people.

Nearly 12 years ago, Judy and I had a Corvette, our third, but no club.  A chance meeting with Lou Stabile at our local coffee shop lead us to the club and membership and you know that part.  Lou could always be counted on for the largest flags in our community 4th of July parade in his Atomic Orange Pace Car.  He loved his Vette and being part of our club.  Now, the rest of the story.   Lou developed health issues that required him to resettle near family in Palm Springs and he left the club.  This evening, Lou called Judy and I, as well as several other dear club members, to say good-bye.  Lou has battled his last battle and is calling the shots now, saying no more dialysis.  He told us he has just a short time remaining in this life and that we, all in the club, have meant much to him.  Please contact me or Judy if you wish to reach Lou yourself.

I was so touched that Lou in his final days wanted to reach out to people he held dear from our club, while we often take our club for granted.  We meet, and go on runs, and check the calendar, and do it over again the next month.  Some serve and strive to make our club better than when we found it.  Some, not so much.  I hope we can all look to Lou as an example about what our club should be.  Friends, helping friends and the community, people who enjoy runs, both long and short, events and even eating together, and people who happen to drive Corvettes.  Lou has not forgotten his friendships from the club and nor should we.

Let’s continue joining each other, by Zoom or in the flesh and continue loving, caring and nurturing each other first, showing compassion for our fellow man and for the community, working together doing whatever it takes to keep our organization one which people are willing to wait in line to become a member, and people who drive Corvettes!