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Anthony Bachmura


Anthony has been an auto enthusiast all his life. He began customizing revel plastic models of the hot cars of the 50’s and 60’s. Then, a few more years into his life, after owning 31 various vehicles he took a leap. He was introduced to the SCVCC by joining in on a run to “Browning Oldsmobile” Oldsmobile/Corvette private collection in 2013. Anthony drove a red 2012 Volkswagen beetle in the middle of a chain of Corvettes. “After a trip to the National Corvette Museum with my best friend who was convinced to order a new 2014 Vette, I came home and placed an order for a 2015 Vette. I then began attending SCVCC meetings and events and soon became a member. This club is a great platform to meet new friends and participate in many different events.”