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Jim Webster

SCVCC Club Vice President

Jim has been a fan of Corvettes ever since high school. But he didn’t buy his first one until 2012. It was a Monterey Red Metallic 2007 Coupe. Of course an important prerequisite for buying a Corvette was the need to join a club of like-minded people. In 2013, Jim and his wife Donna joined the Santa Clarita Valley Corvette Club. This was quickly followed by going on a cross-country trip with fellow club members in the 2014 National Corvette Caravan. He knew right away that they’d joined the right club. Far from being a sedentary group, the club is full of active, friendly members who are constantly on the look-out for fun activities that get them out on the road. As great as that C6 was, in 2019 Jim replaced it with a new Admiral Blue C7 Grand Sport. Jim was elected club Vice President in 2019.