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Judy Turkheimer


I’ve always loved fast sports cars. And when my husband Steve told me he wanted a Corvette, I allowed him to go on the hunt. He found a 2009 CRMT C6. As I’ve always loved convertibles, the top comes off allowing me to ride ‘topless’ in the summer.

Our good friend, already a member, asked us to come to a meeting to check it out. We started going to meetings and really liked the members; they’re like family. I became a member in 2018. We love going to events and on club runs. I love it when everyone smiles and waves when we pass by.

When the quartermaster position opened up, I volunteered to take it on. I looked at this as a chance to rekindle my background in the fashion industry, having had my own clothing manufacturing company in Los Angeles. Besides I love to shop and see everyone wearing my creations.