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Mark Ware

Activities / Performance / Tech

Mark has always had a passion for cars. When he was a young lad, he used to name make and models on sight. A few of his favorite cars are ’66 Buick Riviera, and ’57 Thunderbird, and ’67 GTO. Oh yeah, its a Ford, but how did the Corvette passion begin? “When I was a kid there was a guy next door that had a silver C2 Corvette – so cool. Remember, this was a car that astronauts and special agents drove on TV. Hippo, the guy next door used to make the headlights go up and down to the delight of me and my friends.” That was the start of it. Since then, I’ve always had an eye for that car.” Although Mark never became an astronaut, he did manage to make a decent living in IT, which has helped with his assistance in club “Tech” including the club website and other club needs.