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Steve Turkheimer


I’ve always been a car enthusiast (nut). My first ride in a corvette was in high school. My buddy’s dad had a late model C1. I think that’s when I fell in love with them. There are two things I remember about his corvette aside from how cool it was: 1) the way the other kids would look at us with envy and 2) I banged my hip getting out of it. You see I’m 6’4” tall. Fast forward 4 decades and at the encouragement of my wife Judy, after a long time researching all the options and combinations, in July 2015 I bought my C6 base 2009 CRMT, 3LT, MSRC, dual mode exhaust, with 2 tops. I became a club member in March 2016. I’ve been enjoying every moment and haven’t looked back. Now I’m using my skills developed in my career as a geek to work as Communications Officer and Webmaster. We’ve developed new friendships on this SCVCC journey and an extended family.