From the Driver’s Seat – April 2020

President’s Page

I have to start out my monthly message by saying I miss you all. I look forward to getting together on the first Thursday and seeing our meeting place fill with our fellow club members. It is definitely not to hear me talk. The pizza adds to the event, but it is the people wanting to be together that make out meetings worth attending. We are independent people, but we are social beings and our time together has value. The Corvettes are a significant bond, but in reality, they are just a means to get us from one place to another, and look nice as they do so.

I miss saying hello and shaking hands and giving a hug to the huggers. I enjoy the visiting going on and the conversations and catching up. I miss all of you and looking forward to the activities and events. I miss the caravans and our well-planned destination outings. I miss Taste of the Town. Our club means much to me and I hope it does to you as well.

“Safer at Home” was obviously, in some way, intended to keep us safe and the restrictions we endure might just do that. The debate is ongoing. Nevertheless restrictions appear to be part of our life now, at least for the near future. With that said, your board has determined that all events we had on our calendar had to be cancelled and our club events will only resume when we are given a green light to again move forward in a more normal fashion.

We are still a club however. We are entering our 42nd year and we intend to remain the best Corvette club around for a long time to come. Our current situation has exposed us to new innovations such as conducting both our board meeting and our general meeting over the internet using the Zoom app. Both meetings went well in April and we will continue doing so until we are free to assemble once again. Our General Meeting for May will be on Thursday, May 7th at 7:30 PM and I will send meeting link information to you by email. Hope to see your faces Thursday. No hugging allowed, but masks are not required.

With the longevity of the club in mind, nominations for Board of Director election for the 2020 – 2021 club year has been going on currently. We need your help in filling upcoming vacancies on the Board. With that, ballots will be coming to you in May and I ask all of you to vote and return your ballots on time. If you wish to call me to talk about how you might help the club in the coming year, please do so.

My Corvette is clean, it is detailed, it is filled with lower-priced gas and is ready to roll, and so am I when we get the “green flag”. Over the past two months, we have been admonished to use an abundance of caution in meeting and assembling and some of you may be hesitant to get together when we are given a longer leash. It is understandable. Some of us drive from A to B and others enjoy a “track day”. It is all part of one club and this club, the SCVCC, has a place for everyone.

Keep taking care of yourself and your loved ones along with your Corvette and we will be back together again. Handshakes optional.