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2025 Corvette ZUV: What Could a Corvette SUV Look Like – According to AI?

Here we go again. The same debate that raged when Porsche decided to save itself by sacrificing everything it stood for—or so the purists screamed—by building an SUV seems likely to erupt, as the evidence that Chevrolet will expand Corvette into a proper brand piles up.

Dec 7, 2022 – Alex Kierstein; MotorTrend
The Corvette is already semi-formally its own brand—Corvettes wear the crossed-flag emblem, not the Chevy bowtie, although there’s a bowtie incorporated in the red flag—so the real controversy centers around expanding the Corvette name to vehicles that aren’t two-door sports cars. And if we’re talking about a new bodystyle, there’s only one thing that makes sense: a crossover.

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