From the Driver’s Seat – August 2020

Whewww, how was your August? What did they used to say, “hot enough for you”? Personally, I say you can have Summer. Give me Fall and Spring and even Winter for that matter. I always look forward to October myself. I like driving with the top down and not getting cooked with the summer heat. Plus, I paid an extra $7,000 for the convertible option on the C7 and the C1 has no AC, so you see my direction with all of this.

I have to report that we still have not been able to do much as a club during August. Several of you are getting together in smaller groups for mini-runs and it looks like until venues open to groups, we are stuck for a while longer. Stick with it though. Our club is strong and we are still enjoying not only our Corvettes, but one another’s company, as much as possible. We have the hope of Autumn on the horizon and the wildfires and heat will be gone. Looking forward for blue skies ahead.

Our search for a member to step up and join the board as Secretary has ended. Connie Ceo has answered the call and you can all be grateful as I pass those duties on to one surely more accurate than me in reporting our minutes. Thanks go out to Connie for taking this important job. I am sure that you all are anxious for and in need of club wear, so let us know when YOU want to take over the Quartermaster position. Saying that, someone in the club is surely ready and able to grab the reins of the Communications position to keep us up to date via the internet as well. We still need YOUR help on the board.

Our country still lies all around us with places to go and people to see. Many of you are doing just that. We have past members in various and sundry places who still like seeing us as we roll out of our “safer at home” sheltering just as we welcome them when they turn up from time to time locally. During a recent layover for our granddaughter’s softball tournament in St George, UT, Judy and I called on Dan and Debi Clarkson who report their love for their relocation. I was even able to get a haircut in Utah and we are not statistics. My hope is for good health for all, while we start hitting the road again.

With all consideration of the restrictions we continue to face, the difficult decision was made to cancel plans for our 2020 Christmas party. Sand Canyon Country Club has us scheduled for 2021 and appropriate adjustment to dues will be made by your board for the 2021 – 2022 membership year. Thanks for your understanding.

In keeping with our spirit of giving in the holiday season another food drive at Sam’s Club to benefit the SCV Food Pantry is being planned with details still developing, and when the time comes I urge all members to take part in this worthy cause to help our community members.

Our newsletter is once again ready for you to enjoy and help keep you informed about our club. Be sure to check it out. We will also again conduct our monthly business meeting by Zoom on Thursday, September 3rd and a link will be sent out by email prior to the meeting. Hoping to see you all there.

Our monthly Corvette Maintenance Check will hopefully fall on a cooler evening on September 17th so, watch your email for details and we will see you there.

We wish you all a great September and remind everyone that if you have something to report for the membership, reach out to any of the board members.

Save the Wave!