Saturday Event – Drive, Bowl, & Eat

Story by Scott Gregory
Photos by Scott Gregory & Judy Woodings

The rumble of bowling balls and the clatter of pins welcomed the club to a great afternoon of strikes, spares, and gutter balls, at the Bowling Square Lanes in Arcadia.

It was a perfect Saturday morning, when eighteen club members gathered in the Chuy’s parking lot to meet and greet ahead of a brief driver’s meeting that set us on the path to Arcadia. The pleasant fifty-minute drive down the 210 got us there just before the lanes opened.

Being the first ones in the door made it easy for everyone get their shoes and begin selecting that perfect bowling ball.

Once the lanes were fired up, we broke into teams and immediately started knocking down pins and cleaning the gutters. By not having any “pro bowlers” in our midst, everyone got their turn at the highs and lows of the sport, which really helped to make it a lot of fun for everybody.

Midway through the afternoon, we took a break for some quality food and libation. The snack bar offered-up some pretty tasty burgers, pizza and beer that hit the spot before getting back on the lanes.

Then, just when thought it could not get any better, Donna Webster supersized everyone with two trays of homemade cupcakes! Life really is good.

At the end of the afternoon, we turned in our spiffy, two-toned shoes, put away our bowling balls, and drained the last of our beverages, all while the final scores were being tabulated.

The top score of the day is a well-guarded secret that has been kept in a mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnall’s front porch since noon today, and where only Carnac the Magnificent, and the event organizers, know the contents of the envelope, which will be revealed at the general business meeting on April 4th.