Lasagna Night At the Ceo’s

2019.09.28, Sunday, Canyon Country

If during one of our recent general meetings, you witnessed a crowd of people gathered around the signup table and wondered what the fuss was about, it was most likely that they were signing up for the fourth annual Lasagna Dinner at the home of Don and Connie Ceo!

Because of space limitations, the event is limited to fifty people, and when you consider the delicious food and warm hospitality, you begin to understand why it fills up so quickly. Of course, this year was no exception, and a cool, early-fall evening was the perfect back-drop for good friends, and delicious Italian comfort food.

Since Don and Connie are always the consummate hosts, they make sure everyone is met with warm greetings, well-crafted cocktails, and an array of appetizers, many of which were provided by the club members in attendance.

With the nibbling and refreshments covered, everyone relaxed out on the covered patio. But it wasn’t long before dinner was called, and we were presented with an inviting buffet of warm rolls, fresh salad, and of course, the main entree of piping hot lasagna with its classic layers of pasta, cheese, and homemade sauce that all combined into a deep, rich, irresistible flavor.

There was also an ample amount of the best Italian sausage and peppers I’ve had in a long time. Seriously, this was so good!

After dinner we had an impressive selection of member provided desserts that included, cheese cakes, cookies, lemon bars, cobblers, cream puffs, and individual fruit tarts.

After dinner we kicked-back and lingered around the tables, and it wasn’t long before a card game broke out. The sounds of silver coins tinking together on the table was reminiscent of old-school Vegas as card players tried to bluff their way to winning enough cash for a down payment on a new C8.

Okay, maybe not, but if nothing else a lot of dimes and quarters changed ownership. At the same time, out on the patio a game of Shut the Box got started, and again untold riches were won and lost.

So next year, if the duo of Don and Connie are so gracious as to host a 5th annual event, be sure to get your name on the list early.