SCVCC 2018 All Corvette Car Show!

Story: Mike Woodings
Photos: Janene McDonald, Tony Munshi and Mike Woodings

The planning for our SCVCC All-Corvette Car Show 2018 began several month ago at out monthly board meeting where we discussed the charity choices for this year’s event and who would fill the positions on the show committee.  Our super-successful 2016 show was the logical place to begin and we soon found our past show workers were ready and eager to make the 2018 event bigger and better than ever. Still a year away from the next National Corvette Caravan, we had the time and desire to show off our Corvettes yet another time. The idea of a 2018 show was put to a vote of the membership and we were ready to make it a reality with Joe Ryan once again our chief advisor and Dwight McDonald as our leader.

As the year progressed, the committee members again solicited sponsors and donors for the event and made busy with all of the behind the scenes planning for a successful car show. AutoNation Chevrolet of Valencia helped as a sponsor as did our local KHTS radio station in advertising the event. Our many thanks go out to both for all of the help!

The show date of September 29th was earlier than in previous years and was here almost before you knew it, but our crew was ready. All of our show committee members pulled together and prepared the venue at Route 66 Classic Grill in Canyon Country in conjunction with George Thomas and his worthy Route 66 staff. 

By start time at 4 PM, the venue was all together and Corvettes from near and far descended and parked in their designated parking areas by generation and the SCVCC All-Corvette Car Show 2018 was under way. 

121 beautifully washed, waxed and polished Corvettes filled the lot, all to benefit the Santa Clarita Coalition in their focus to help local veterans in their transition to civilian life following service to our nation.

All of the generations of Corvettes were well represented with an amazing showing of entries representing each of the seven generations. Among the highlights were the earliest model, a 1954 convertible and the latest Corvette supercar, a 2019 ZR1. Joe Ryan and his son restored the 1954 and Ron Nolan recently purchased the ZR1. From the 155 hp Blue Flame 6 to the 755 hp supercharged LT5, amazing changes, but nonetheless, both Corvettes!

 Entertainment was provided by the band, Celebrity Trash, as spectators enjoyed the rows of Corvettes on display. Vendor displays included Bling-Ur-Thingz and 3D Products were on hand for all to check out. Then, on to the raffle prizes. Once again there was a great selection of items on display that we all wanted to take a chance on winning, all donated by our members and businesses throughout the community. Who could help buying lots of tickets to place in the bins for a chance to win? It was all for the veterans after all!

Our president, Dwight McDonald, was in his element as the show Master of Ceremonies, awarding all of the raffle prizes and the trophies to the winners of the show judging.  The trophies went to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each of the Corvette generations and special categories of Corvette.  The judging was done by the entrants themselves, each voting for all of the trophy categories. What a chore it was, deciding who to vote for with so many terrific and beautiful Corvettes to choose from.

The votes were cast and the winners were chosen with a great split between our own members and entrants from other clubs and the community. The proud winners are as follows:

1st Donna Nolan
2nd John Fisk
3rd Joe Ryan

1st Gary Songstad
2nd Harry Rieger
3rd Ron Nolan

1st Steven Herbert
2nd Patty Kemple
3rd Peter Di Orio

1st Mark Gerson
2nd Richard La Grasta
3rd Donna Bledsoe

1st Ed Combs
2nd Rob Bitner
3rd Dan Esqueda

1st Jack Atkins
2nd Timothy Torp
3rd Brian De Avila

1st Al Aird
2nd Thomas Couples
3rd Barry Jacobson

1st Mike Woodings
2nd Jeff Hernandez
3rd Tony Munshi

1st Mark Ware
2nd Ron Bergmann
3rd Brett Robinson

1st Ron Nolan
2nd Keith Shaw
3rd Tony Messina

Joe Ryan

Oh, by the way, we have heard of a “hat trick” with sporting events like hockey or soccer, but how many have associated the term with car shows? How about those Nolans taking home THREE trophies from the same show? 

The 2018 SCVCC show was a success. Joe Ryan and Dwight McDonald want to thank all of the volunteers on the show committee for their planning and work that made the show a reality and for all who contributed and attended for helping reach our goal in support of the Santa Clarita Coalition. Good job one and all!

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